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“NO MEAT ATHLETES” Sponsor SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock giveaway!

SIGVARIS and Internet group “No Meat Athletes” team up for an Athletic Recovery Sock Giveaway. Read about the Giveway by clicking on the link below.

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Canada’s Cross-Country Skiers Get a Leg Up On Competition with New Athletic Recovery Sock Supplier —SIGVARIS joins Canadian Cross-Country Ski Team’s pool of official suppliers—

CANMORE, Alta.— Cross Country Canada announced on Monday that Canada’s top cross-country skiers will have more life in their legs during their drive to the international podium over the next two years thanks to the addition of a new official graduated compression socks supplier-SIGVARIS.

SIGVARIS Corporation, a world-leader in the management of venous disorders through graduated compression therapy, will supply the Canadian National Ski Team and Canadian Para-Nordic Ski Team with access to the specially designed Athletic Recovery (AR) & performance socks. The AR socks improve recovery and performance by helping to flush out the lactic acids built up in the leg muscles during exercise, while relieving tired, aching legs and muscle soreness. For more information please visit.

“Nordic skiers often push their bodies to the limits and lactic acid is the cause of fatigue in working muscles which impedes performance,” said Davin MacIntosh, executive director, Cross Country Canada, who added the product will also play a critical role in aiding the athletes in recovering from long-distance travel. “Having access to these world-leading socks will not only improve recovery between training and competition sessions, but also boost our athlete’s chances of skiing onto the international podium.”

The concept of compression therapy lies on a simple and efficient mechanical principle: the application of an elastic compression socks around the leg. By compressing the limb with graduated compression – strongest at the ankle and gradually decreasing going up the leg – the compression stocking helps with venous return, decreases venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and deterioration of venous walls & valves, and efficiently relieves aching and heavy legs.

“We are extremely proud to extend this unique recovery product to help Canadian athletes gain life in their legs through our recovery socks, which will ultimately lead them to greater success on the world stage,” said Jason Kern, product manager with the SIGVARIS Corporation. “It is our hope that this partnership will help to support these dedicated athletes by giving them the opportunity to compete at the highest level at all times against the world’s top Nordic skiers.”

As official supplier of Cross Country Canada, SIGVARIS will also have representation at Haywood NorAm events, Canada Cups and National Championship races.

About the SIGVARIS Corporation
The SIGVARIS Corporation is an internationally active medical device group headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland that focuses on the development, production and distribution of medical compression garments, including hosiery and socks. With distribution in more than 50 countries on six continents, SIGVARIS is recognized as a global industry leader in the area of compression therapy for the management of venous and lymphatic disorders. Our North American manufacturing facility is located in Peachtree City, GA.

For more information, please visit or SIGVARIS, LIFE FOR LEGS and the leg icon are registered trademarks of Ganzoni & Cie AG, St.Gallen/Switzerland and in many countries worldwide. is owned and operated by the SIGVARIS Corporation.

About CCC
Cross Country Canada is the governing body of cross-country skiing in Canada. Its 51,000 members include athletes, coaches, officials and skiers of all ages and abilities, including those on Canada’s National Ski Teams and Para-Nordic Ski Teams. Cross-country skiing is Canada’s optimal winter sport and recreational activity with more than one million Canadians participating annually.



Chris Dornan
Cross Country Canada
T: 281-703-4394

Craig Miller
SIGVARIS Corporation
T: 514-336-2362

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Respect Your Elders: Some cyclists get faster as they age. Here’s why.

Excerpt: “Older athletes tend to be more open to focusing on new recovery tools like compression technology. Many people noticed that Armstrong wore compression socks between Tour de France stages. In the winter I also had him wear pneumatic compression boots. There’s still a lot of research to be done here, but the idea is that compression improves recovery by helping to circulate blood and lymph fluids through tired muscles.”

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GiveToLive Bike Riders Wearing SIGVARIS Compression Socks

Friends of GIVETOLIVE,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for motivating us to continue the fight against cancer.  It is an illness that continues to take 22,000 lives per day.  In 2010, it will become the leading worldwide killer, taking more lives than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. 

With your support, 35 cyclists have been recruited to cycle 5,000 KMs from Vancouver to Austin, Texas.  Departing Monday, October 12th, the cyclists will battle mountains, deserts, rain, wind, and temperatures ranging from below zero to +35 degrees Celsius.  None of it will be remotely as difficult as losing a loved one to cancer or dealing with the diagnosis ourselves. 

GIVETOLIVE is proud to announce that we have surpassed a significant milestone: despite being an all-volunteer based organization with no overhead or staff, $1 million has now been raised and donated to various cancer charities around the world.  YOU have made this happen in only 3 short years and for that we are grateful.

This year our hearts and prayers go out to two very special individuals:

Trevor Block signed up to do this ride in May to celebrate overcoming his battle with cancer.  Unfortunately, while training for the ride, Trevor discovered that the cancer had returned to his stomach and needed to undergo chemotherapy immediately.  Trevor is now battling cancer for the second time despite being only 30 years old. 

Jason Stoke signed up to ride in June to honour the loss of his father who had passed away from cancer earlier this year.  Unfortunately, Jason’s mom passed away just a few days ago and he is now coping with a second tragedy in just a few months.  His has shown remarkable strength and resolve and we were honoured and flattered to learn he will still ride with us on day 1.

GIVETOLIVE continues raise funds for cancer by encouraging people to fulfill their potential by giving to others, incorporating exercise into their lives, and pushing themselves beyond their internally-set emotional and physical limits.  We are blessed to have the support of people like you so that we can continue our mission. 

Visit to track us online, watch daily videos, leave us messages, and read our blogs.  Thanks again and GIVETOLIVE! 

To make a donation, please click on the link below and select one of the riders to support. Cheques made out to “Give To Live Society” can be mailed to 1521 Grafton St., Suite 203, Halifax, NS, B3J 2B9.

Special thanks to our sponsors that made this happen: HUB Cycle, Day Nite Signs, Advanced Screenprinting, HSBC, Sobeys, Hoyt’s Speciality Services, Sigvaris, and ilane).

***Moderator’s Note: SIGVARIS donated 1000$ USD and gave each rider 4 pairs of athletic support therapy socks to wear in helping them recover daily from this enormous physical effort.

If you are interested in volunteering anytime (we can always use extra help) or getting involved as a cyclist next year, please email me with your information!  Media articles will be posted under “Media” and then “News 2009” or you can click on this link to take you directly to our media
Ashley Ward
Executive Director of Give To Live (formerly the Tony Griffin Foundation)
Ph: (902) 229-0264
Fax: (902) 482-3657
1521 Grafton St., Suite 203, Halifax, NS, B3J 2B9

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SIGVARIS Active Therapy


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