David O’Meara Runs Around the World in Less than 30 Minutes with SIGVARIS

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SIGVARIS is proud to announce that David O’Meara, The One Mile Runner, completed his quest to run around the world in less than 30 minutes while wearing SIGVARIS’ Active Therapy Socks.

PEACHTREE CITY, GA, AUG. 18 2010 – David O’Meara, The One Mile Runner, had one goal on his mind this summer – to run one mile on six different continents with a combined time of 30 minutes or less. He successfully completed his venture in 29 minutes and 25 seconds all while wearing the SIGVARIS Active Therapy Socks.

“I have been wearing compression socks for better athletic performance and improved recovery over the last couple of years. The Active Therapy socks from SIGVARIS are absolutely amazing! The socks have helped me increase my running speed and decrease my recovery time…From the airplane to the race, SIGVARIS was an essential piece of equipment for me to succeed in my race around the world,” O’Meara says.

O’Meara, who endorses SIGVARIS’ Active Therapy Socks, is a world-renowned coach, speaker, author and athlete. He is the author of Creating Amazement, Play Better Live Better and Tennis Unlimited. He inspires athletes of all ages, particularly those ages 30 and older, to embrace a healthy lifestyle and remain injury free.

On his mission to inspire athletes around the world with his world tour, O’Meara completed one mile races in each of the following locations: Connecticut (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Symi Island, Dodecanese (Greece), Jos (Nigeria), Chennai (India), and Townsville, Queensland (Australia).

Pleased with how the tour turned out, O’Meara says they are already planning another tour for 2011 to inspire even more people to stay fit and injury free.

SIGVARIS, the global leader in compression therapy, sponsors several athletes each year, to help educate the masses about the value and benefits of wearing true graduated compression. “We chose to sponsor David O’Meara in his tour, ‘Around The World in 30 Minutes or Less’ because he’s such an inspiration to athletes worldwide,” says Melissa Gwozdz, marketing and communications coordinator for SIGVARIS North America. “We know David understands the benefits of wearing true graduated compression, and we were excited to see how enthusiastic he is to educate other athletes based on his firsthand experience with our Active Therapy products.”

A growing trend among competitive athletes and weekend warriors, professional sports athletes are using compression socks during and after performance events to improve their results. The SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery sock flushes out lactic acid and provides relief from delayed leg muscle soreness after strenuous exercise or competition.

SIGVARIS created http://www.athleticrecoverysock.com to provide consumers with information on the Athletic Recovery Sock (one of the products in the Active Therapy Line), as well as a forum for athletes to discuss their compression therapy experiences and results. While racing O’Meara, also wore the SIGVARIS Performance Sock, a new addition to the Active Therapy Line, which officially launches in the United States this year.

To view a video of O’Meara sharing his experience:

About David O’Meara – The One Mile Runner
David is a certified personal trainer and fitness counselor. He has trained both coaches and Fortune 500 executives on his trips around the world in Europe, Asia, and Africa. O’Meara has also been the keynote speaker at world sports conferences, financial institutions, leadership organizations, and educational conferences. He is the author of Creating Amazement, Play Better, Live Better and Tennis Unlimited. David also serves as the Professional Touring Coach at the Bath and Racquet Fitness Club. For more information about David O’Meara, please visit: http://www.onemilerunner.com/

SIGVARIS® North America is part of an internationally active medical device group headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland that focuses on the development, production and distribution of medical compression garments, including hosiery and socks. With distribution in more than 50 countries on six continents, SIGVARIS is recognized as a global industry leader in the area of compression therapy for the management of venous disorders. Our US manufacturing plant is located in Peachtree City, GA. For more information, please visit http://www.sigvarisusa.com. SIGVARIS, LIFE FOR LEGS and the leg icon are registered trademarks of Ganzoni & Cie AG, St.Gallen/Switzerland and in many countries worldwide.

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